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JP Burners are specialist manufacturers of Chinese Wok Burners and other Ethnic Cooking Burners. We supply all the major Manufacturers of Chinese Cookers in the UK. The Phoenix Burner was designed  by John Poole and rapidly became a clear market leader. The Burners are designed primarily for Chinese Cooking and but can also be used for Indian & Thai cooking and Bar-B-Que. The latest burner to our range is the extremely powerful and adaptable JP21 Phoenix Turbo Burner. This burner is designed for super fast cooking without the need of a fan. This burner can be fitted to most standard cookers as an exchange burner very successfully. We also manufacturer a CE APPROVED One Hole Chinese Water Cooled Cooker and an Asian Stock-Pot Cooker for Natural Gas & LPG. We supply a full range of spares for Chinese Cookers & Kitchens, burners, gas valves, pilots and Thermocouples and Extraction System spares including Disposable Filters, Washable Filters and Baffle Filters. We accept all major credit cards.